What Would You Do?

The last thing Frank expected as the two uniformed officers approached his door was the terrible news that his wife, Judy, had been killed in an automobile accident, leaving Frank with the huge task of raising a five-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy. Not to mention the love of his life being snatched away without any warning. Their marriage of 14 years had been a good one. Both were Christians and dedicated to the cause of Christ. Their two children were their life and were considered gifts from God. Now their world was turned upside down in just a few moments. As Frank pondered his next move, the memories of Judy haunted him. Everywhere he turned Judy was there. He finally decided he could no longer live in the town he and his beloved Judy had called home their entire life.

With just his two children and their belongings, Frank began a new life in a new town, leaving everything behind but wonderful memories and the faith he had always placed in Jesus Christ. The next few months were hard. It was an adjustment, to say the least. As the summer came to an end Frank decided he must now focus on the children and their future. Knowing that he must provide a living and having no immediate family to turn to, Frank went to the home of his new neighbors, Jack and Myrna Lackey, whom over the past few months had befriended him and the children. Not knowing a lot about them, they seemed like good people. Typical, all-American people with what appeared to be good values. Frank walked into their living room, told them his situation, and asked if they could keep the children during the day, teach them, and provide them the education that was needed to get by in this world. With a smile and open arms, Jack and Myrna readily accepted with obvious joy the opportunity to help these two wonderful children and their bereaved father.

Bright and early Monday morning Frank went to the home of his neighbors with the two children, Heather and Mark, and prepared to leave them to begin their new life and to receive the teaching and instruction that would prepare them for the life to come. Jack was anxiously waiting on the porch with a smile and told him how happy he and his wife were to help. At that point, Jack said, “There are some ground rules that I feel like I should make you aware of. First, we want you to know that you and your children are welcome here and our home is your home. After all, we are neighbors. However, we know that you are a Christian, and certainly, we respect that as we do all religions. Nevertheless, God is not welcome in our home. Secondly, we request that the children do not bring Bibles with them, and we cannot allow them to pray as we have seen them do in your home. We will be teaching your children to read and much of the literature that we will be sharing with them contains sexual content, some violence, sorcery, and witchcraft simply because they need to learn about different religions and cultures. We also know that you believe in the Ten Commandments. We would ask that your children not bring anything that bears the Ten Commandments into our home because it might influence our grandchildren to abide by them.

In addition, Myrna, I, and our children, as we have taught them, all believe we should respect the feelings of others concerning religion, sexual orientation, and other lifestyles that may differ from ours. Therefore, we will try to teach your children the same tolerance and respect that we taught our own children when they were growing up. We are certain you want your children to find acceptance in our ever-changing society. As you well know, we must keep up with the times in order for our children to be successful and to have the lives that we want them to have. We felt you should know these things ‘up front’ before we begin this relationship. So with that out of the way, let’s get the children started, and you can get on to work. We hope you do well and prosper, and we will take good care of the children. They will be safe here.”


The story you have just read is fictional. However, the content is true. Frank was faced with the decision of a lifetime. The decision he was faced with would affect the lives of his children and grandchildren for generations to come. If you were placed in this same situation, what would be your answer to the neighbors’ ground rules?


Every day of every school year, some 70 million U.S. children (70 percent of them professing Christianity) are dropped off at a public school that has given these ground rules to every parent every day of every school year. Our children are exposed (every day) to this type of education, and it only gets worse. To this point, every person who has read this short story has answered much the same. “I would never leave my children under such circumstances.” Their quick response is given because they have not taken the time to consider that the public school system is nothing more than an extension of the government.

These two powerful entities control our country. Both are part of an anti-Christ system, not under the rule of anti-Christ, but an anti-Christ system. Bit by bit our Christian values are being taken away from our children. The result? We are two generations from a godless society. The Bible teaches that a righteous man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. Sadly, we view inheritance as tangible goods instead of the heritage handed down to us by our ancestors. A heritage I might add that was purchased with blood, tears, sweat and sacrifice. It was a heritage built on the principles of Christianity.

Having read this story, what would you do? Perhaps I should rephrase this question. What are you doing?

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