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We have been in existence since 1991. Our desire is to be part of the solution and never part of the problem. We recognize that many people are in need and every need is great to each individual. The law of individual differences simply states that everyone is different. Therefore, the process that each individual must go through is different. This sometimes goes against the mainstream belief that you can pull a solution from a textbook for everyone. This is neither true nor possible. What may take 30 minutes for one to overcome may take years to conquer in the life of another. We believe in process. Each of us as individuals are in process until such time as the LORD takes us from this life. Our goal is to help as many as possible through their “personal” process regardless of where they may be in life, and regardless of religious affiliation, age or gender. While it is possible to get through life without compromising your message we must remember not to compromise our conduct as well. It is important to note there are certain core beliefs that cannot be compromised. Of these we are totally cognizant.

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